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About WM

  • Name / Jung Younkyo
  • Byname / kyossiro
  • Genre / Website, App, Mobile web, Module, UI, UX ...
  • Residence / Seoul, Korea republic
  • Email /
  • Follow me / Facebook, twitter

Design WM - The Art of Imagination

Your time is limited.
So don't waste it living someone else's life.
Don't be trapped by dogma which is living with the results of other people's thinking.
Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice.
And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
They somehow already know what you truly want to become.
Everything else is secondary.

Welcome at Design WM.

  • Infobank / Service R&D Lab / Senior Designer / Now
  • Bluecartpet / Department Manager / Team Leader
  • Fuzewire / Department Manager / Team Leader
  • Zenexwave / User eXperience / User Interface
  • Megazone / Department Manager / Team Leader
  • Fuzewire / Team Leader / Senior Designer
  • Itsix / Senior Designer
  • Joyon / Designer / December. 24. 2001


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eostics thumbnail_ux


dw-th thumbnail_web

Dream World

mobile_eventplan thumbnail_mobile

Mobile Event Plan

1701_thum thumbnail_web


1603_rio thumbnail_web

Rio2016 Design

999_brand_wm thumbnail_brand_award_2013

WM renewal

56_web_infobank thumbnail_web

infobank website renewal

57_web_idea2 thumbnail_web_award_2012

idea – website

37_web_시공테크 thumbnail_web

Sigong tech

49_web_duel-legend thumbnail_web

duel legend

45_web_li-ning thumbnail_web

Li-ning Korea

48_web_셔틀매니아 thumbnail_web

Shuttle mania

38_web_미니게이트 thumbnail_web

minigate game

47_web_본아이에프 thumbnail_web

bonif proposal

46_web_본도시락 thumbnail_web

bon dosirak

34_web_smartadd thumbnail_web

Smart add

36_web_한솔외식연구소 thumbnail_web

HANSOL foodservice institute

35_web_warawara thumbnail_web_award_2011


44_web_creditbank thumbnail_web

CREDiTBank – Protect people

32_web_oz thumbnail_web

LG Telecom – OZ maintenance

33_web_한양 thumbnail_web

Hanyang proposal

31_web_hyundai thumbnail_web

Hyundai Ci-net proposal

27_web_IBKbank thumbnail_web

Industrial Bank of Korea

26_web_hometravel thumbnail_web_award_2008


24_web_festival thumbnail_web_award_2007

The world festival of national theaters

25_web_national thumbnail_web

National Theaters Of Korea

23_web_kyunghee thumbnail_web

Kyung Hee University

22_web_freeworks thumbnail_web

free networks proposal

020_web_vp thumbnail_web

VP Korea Website

018_web_노는대학 thumbnail_web

play univ.

016_web_ikoreanspirit thumbnail_web

Korean spirit

014_web_ibrea thumbnail_web

International Brain Education Association

013_web_hostway thumbnail_web


012_web_tcf thumbnail_web

TCF proposal

011_web_curlysue thumbnail_web

Curlysue proposal

web_brain_magazine thumbnail_web

brain a magazine

web_shc thumbnail_web

Seoul health college

010_web_design thumbnail_web


web_The-old-personal-homepage thumbnail_web

The old personal homepage

web_game_Joyon thumbnail_web

Joyon game portal proposal